Registry of interests

Journalists expect people in public life to be accountable and transparent, so we should be so too. Below is a list of my income sources, past and present, as of December 2015. To be complete, I include a list of organisations that I’ve done unpaid work for.

Full-time salary at present

The Economist

Occasional freelance at present

Örebro University

In the past I have been paid for work by:

Southbank Centre
European Commission
New Humanist
Pod Academy
Research Research Ltd (for Research Fortnight)
World Trademark Review
IAM Magazine
Com Laude
City University
Media Consulta
Films of Record
British Medical Journal
The Register
Rough Guides
Nottingham Trent University
Blackwell Bookshops
Canvas Holidays
Ottakar’s Bookshops (now
WH Smith

I have done unpaid work for:

BBC Nottingham
BBC Science Radio Unit
The Guardian
New Humanist / The Rationalist Association
The Register
Notes from the Underground
Not on the Wires
Rough Guides
African Prisons Project


I received a £1,000 grant from the Good Thinking Society as seed funding for the Rational Parliament debating society. The money has been used to cover the costs of setting up the project; I have personally received no money from the project (it is a labour of love!).

Awards and honours

I have received cash prize money for:

  • the John Banks Prize for Journalism, awarded to the highest postgraduate journalism mark at City University, 2011-12 – this award is sponsored by Banks’ family; and
  • the Richard Gregory Award for Best Newcomer at the Association of British Science Writers awards 2013 – this award is sponsored by Gregory’s family.

Free stuff

I used to receive free theatre tickets or books to review for my column Alchemy on Notes from the Underground. In February 2011, Microsoft paid for my travel, accommodation and food so I could attend a conference when I was writing for World Trademark Review. All other travel relating to journalistic projects has been paid for by the publication I was working for at the time. In July 2012, I spoke at a conference organised by the Center for Genetics and Society, which also paid for my travel and accommodation.

Investments etc

I invest in no company or organisation, and have no stocks or shares or directorships. I own neither residential property nor land.

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